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We are specialists in helping small businesses to secure Government grants or loans that can help them to grow their companies quickly and cost-effectively.

Business Loans and GrantsOur financial advisors will meet you to discuss your needs, and provide recommendations on which type of business financing solution will best suit your circumstances.

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How Do You Secure a Small Business Government Grant or Loan?

You’ve probably heard about small business government grants and startup loans to help you grow your business, but may be unsure about how to secure one.

A government grant for new businesses in the UK can help you make certain cost-efficiencies and save money on premises, rates, plant or IT equipment. There are over 200 government grants available for small businesses in the UK, but while there are lots of grants available, securing one can be difficult.

wedo accounting are specialists in helping companies to secure small business loans and government grants. We help you prepare thoroughly for the process of requesting funding, including ensuring that your business plans and finances are all in order, then we oversee your application to ensure that everything runs smoothly and you stand the best possible chance of being successful.

There are several types of government grant you can apply for, and our financial advisors will suggest which grant would best suit your needs and circumstances; from a direct grant that covers start-up essentials, to an equity finance agreement that reduces income tax or a soft loan with a lower interest rate and more generous terms than a standard small business loan.

If you are interested in having wedo accounting support your business loan or grant application, why not contact us to book your free 1-hr initial consultation? We offer a face-to-face meeting for potential clients in the local London area, with no strings attached and plenty of reasons to give us a try.

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