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If the future looks uncertain, don’t face it alone. If there’s any chance things could be turned around and even a slim possibility that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel, wedo accounting will work with you to try and get you through this difficult time.

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When times are tough, it’s good to have someone who will listen – but it’s better still to have someone by your side who is experienced in similar situations. Don’t face the future alone: get in touch with us today.

Is COVID-19 having an adverse effect on your business, do you urgently need to enhance cash flow, maximise liquidity and engage with lenders and suppliers? If so we can help you, right now! We NOW have access to the Governments emergency business loan facility. If you have an existing business and need up to £50,000 quickly we can help you get it. Click the button below to apply.

The Government has made available a series of measures intended to help businesses:

  • The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
  • the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) where UK businesses with annual turnover of no more than £45m can borrow up to £5m interest-free for 12 months under a British Business Bank (BBB) scheme

Whilst the above are the main headline initiatives there is also help in the form of, Business Rates Relief, VAT deferral options, Time-to-Pay arrangements for Corporation Tax and PAYE, Statutory Sick Pay refunds and for some businesses, Grants.

Accessing and securing support from some of these initiatives is not straightforward and requires careful preparation and often a need to act fast. If you would like help in this then please let us know by clicking below. Thank you


If you have breached the terms of your loan or you need new funding, we can help

Pressure from lenders/funders can be an extremely challenging time for any business. Often, lenders are the primary source of day to day funding for businesses, and if this funding is no longer available, the consequences can be hugely problematic. Whether you need access to new funds or to reach an agreement with your existing lender, our team can help.

Experts in dealing with Financier and Lender issues.

We will guide you through discussions and negotiations, and by helping you find alternative sources of funding.

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Don’t face stressful challenges alone. We are here to help you, that’s if you want to discus a strategy & plan to turn the business you have worked so hard for around or if you feel it is time to move on to something new and want to get the best possible outcome when closing your business down. We have helped hundreds of business owners take back control, let us help you. today.

Supplier pressures can be challenging for your business. Let us help

Suppliers may be critical to your business, and if they are placing pressure on you it can be a very challenging time. If they are considering reducing your credit terms or if the relationship has completely fractured, we can help you. Our team understands the importance of continuity of supply, and can suggest alternative solutions to you.

Help in negotiations & threats of legal action

If suppliers reduce credit terms or the cessation of supply can have a major negative impact on a business, we can work with you to navigate the best way forward for your business.

On your side.

Our aim is to ensure that no customer has to face problems alone. If your business is coming under pressure, it is likely we have the experience to advise you and help you find a way forward.


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There is no upfront cost for our service, the meter is not running, and as we move forward together we will take you through a step by step plan, so you know what is involved at each and every stage.


Do I have to close my business?

We have a long experience and whilst things may seem bleak now and you think insolvency is inevitable, we can see options that many others can not and will look to find a way forward where possible.


It’s too late

We can’t promise to help save a business in all circumstances, but it may not be too late for a sustainable solution. Our advice will help you feel secure in the plans you develop to move forward. Your best option is to contact us as early as possible. The sooner you do, the more options you’ll have.


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Just take the first step to taking back control, just click below complete the form and within 48 hrs we will be in touch talk through your business and see how we can help.

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We understand this is a stressful and worrying time for you, first and foremost we are here to help you move forward and take control back over your life.

We can provide some reassurance that whilst this is all new to you, it is not to us, having helped hundreds of business owners in similar situations come out of this with an outcome that is right for them.

If your decision after talking through your options is to close your business down or you decide you wish to work with us to turn your business around then we are here for you.

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Important: Due to the Covid 19 outbreak and in accordance to the most recent Government guidelines and to ensure the safety of our staff, our teams are carrying out their duties from home, we are still able to offer any help and support you may need and continue to offer all our business services. If you wish to speak to us please use the mobile number shown on this page. Thank you.

VAT, PAYE and National Insurance payment issues are not uncommon – we can help assess your options

HMRC payments can have a significant impact on cash, so it’s not surprising businesses sometimes have difficulties with their payments. If you’re already in arrears, the situation can be even more acute. Whatever position you’re in, we can help you assess options and determine the most appropriate way forward for your business.

HMRC demands – we can help

If you are struggling to meet VAT, PAYE, NI or corporation tax bills, or have received letters of demand or enforcement action from HMRC, we can help you.

“wedo accounting helped in negotiations with creditors, helped raise additional finance and provided strategic sound business advice when i needed it most . Their patience and understanding were very much appreciated; I doubt we would be trading successfully today without their help.”

If cash flow is tight, it can be a troubling time for you and your business.

No business can survive without readily available cash to meet ongoing liabilities such as payroll, suppliers and lending commitments. Even profitable businesses need to manage their cash flow, and there’s always room for improvement. We can help your business with any cash flow pressures that may exist.

Quick action gives you more options.

If your business has a cash shortfall, it’s essential to act quickly. We help with cash management controls to maximising cash inflows, & unlocking other sources of funds.

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