Debt Recovery Service

Do you have money owed to you that you have had to write off as bad debt?

If so we can in many cases help you get this money back, money no doubt you have worked hard for. Let wedo accounting debt recovery service try and get this back for you, our service costs you nothing if we do not succeed in getting you your money.

Why not find out more, you have nothing to lose, it costs you nothing, you only pay if we get back what you have already written off!


Good clients turned bad

Recovery is playing a vital role for many businesses in the current climate.
Two of the key challenges facing businesses right now are late payments and commercial disputes. It’s no surprise to anyone that Covid-19 has increased the time to pay invoices. Typically 28-29% of invoices are paid beyond payment terms, and the impact of Covid has resulted in a significant increase in late payment.

As the Government start to pull back some of their measures (for instance CBILs) and the furlough scheme winds down, the impact of these late payments will be felt acutely by SMEs.

Currently your business might be using automated emails and templates to threaten court proceedings, or you may have considered engaging a debt collector who will send out several warning emails.

All of these actions ultimately result in a dead end, because there isn’t the capacity for whatever reason to go over the next hurdle of actually recovering the bad debt, which requires litigation and therefore funding. And so the debt is written off.

wedo recovery get what your owed.

Much more than just credit control and automated emails.
Our service is designed to be used at the point where you are going or already have written off the bad debt.

It removes the barrier to recovering payment and speeds up the legal process (which typically takes 18 months).

There’s no upfront costs and no financial risk, as the service is fully funded. Essentially, a ‘no win no fee’ service.